Wedding Packages

We have the best Wedding Packages waiting for you! All-inclusive and tailor made to your needs.


Wedding in a rural setting with a rustic, bucolic and romantic style, with a vintage atmosphere.


Simple wedding, with vintage inspiration that will be celebrated in a typical rural environment.


Wedding on the beach at the sunset, with an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

 Tailor made to your needs

Tailor made wedding, where the rigor, perfection, sophistication and vision of the bride and groom know no bounds.


Wedding in a cosmopolitan atmosphere, recreating the best and most characteristic in Portugal.


Luxurious wedding, with vintage inspiration to be held in Castles, Hotels, Palaces or Convents.

 Only the bride and groom

Intimate wedding for the bride and groom to celebrate in style.


Wedding at the sea on a boat, to enjoy the sun, the sea breeze and relax with your friends and family.

 Only the bride and groom

Wedding for two in paradise.


Wedding and Honeymoon in one of Europe's most beautiful cities.


Dream wedding shared with family and close friends.


Two celebrations in one party, with all your family and friends.

FAQ'S Wedding Packages

Who will be responsible for managing, planning and organizing my wedding?

The organization of your wedding will be taken care by a Professional Wedding Planner, accredited by international entities, experts in the planning and organization area.

What are the advantages do I have in purchasing a Wedding Package?

When purchasing a package, you can save up to 20% of the total value of your wedding due to the precious help of the Wedding Planner, as well as the Noivos de Fresco partners, quality suppliers, linked to the wedding theme, providing you and your guests, total peace of mind and security.

If I already have some services contracted, can I still get a package with which I identify myself?

Yes you can. In such cases, Noivos de Fresco advises you to opt for the Exclusive Me package, where you can choose which services you like, as well as the theme you most identify with.

Having a number of guests that does not fit into any package, can I still get the one I most relate to?

Yes you can. However, there will be an adjustment in the final price in relation to the number of guests for the wedding.

Is the VAT already included in the package price?

Yes. The price of each package has the final value that you will have to pay, without extra costs or surprises.

Do we have to establish a contract with Noivos de Fresco when purchasing the package?

Yes. When purchasing a Noivos de Fresco Package, a contract is established between both parties, with all the necessary information.

When purchasing one of the packages, can I choose the suppliers for my wedding?

Yes you can. Preferably, we advise that this choice is made in the range of providers offered by Noivos de Fresco. However, if you prefer a service from a provider who is not in this list, you can still purchase the package.

Being a supplier, how do I apply to be part of the packages shortlist?

To join our list of suppliers for the Wedding Packages, please contact us.

If you have any further questions, please contact us!

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We got married on the beach, we loved it, everything was perfect! #partybeachsunset

Rita and Tiago in 2014


It was a perfect day to remember, we just have to thank this team!

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All that I imagined for this day!

Susana and Rui in 2015

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Thank you again to those who accompanied and reassured us!

Raquel and Nuno in 2015


Exceeded my expectations, it was the best day of my life!

Alexandra and João in 2015

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The best day with the best company and the best wedding organization!

Tânia and Bruno in 2015

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Desenhos sobre casamentos pelo Markl
Desenhos sobre casamentos pelo Markl
Desenhos sobre casamentos pelo Markl
Desenhos sobre casamentos pelo Markl

Author: Nuno Markl
Watch the video here.

Completely Portuguese, born in 2013, Noivos de Fresco is a company dedicated to you that just made the proposal or got the ring, and so now you are... Noivo(a) de Fresco (recently engaged).

We guarantee our brides and grooms total support, security and speed throughout the process. We want you to have the perfect, smooth wedding, without anything to worry about. We seek simplicity!

We have a set of wedding packages, each with different concepts and characteristics, following the tastes, preferences and requirements of each couple. In each package the main part part is the Wedding Planner, who will get what the unassisted couple could not: the best value for each service.

For each service of each package we have quality companies available, that will provide the necessary services for your wedding. By coming to us rather than going directly to each supplier, we guarantee you the best price for each service, thanks to the help and knowledge of our Professional Wedding Planner, who will be a great help in planning, monitoring and managing your wedding.